Our team

At Lok North America, we strive to create a workplace that can recognize and help promote medical innovation. Our team of specialists is hand-picked to offer a variety of expertise and a wealth of experience. Most of them have over 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

When adding a member to our team, our objective is simple: to expand the scope of services provided to our clients, thus improving their chances of success in the long term. Having a diversified pool of qualified and experienced consultants who work together, they learn from each other. This results in a greater quality of service that can only benefit our clients.

TriaMedical difference

What does TriaMedical stand for?

• Finding innovative solutions for the Canadian market

• A particular attention to the values and needs of our domestic and foreign clients

• Creative solutions to answer each client’s needs

• A team composed of the highest caliber available

• Constant communication with our clients

• A one-stop shop solution provider

• Extensive knowledge of the Canadian and US markets

At TriaMedical, we're driven by results and focused on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Commitment to customers

TriaMedical’s first priority is providing our clients with superior service and innovative products.

Providing our clients with superior service and tangible business advantages have enabled us to build and grow a business that addresses many of our customer needs. Towards that end, our services assist the customers in fulfilling a specific mandate: offering unique custom-tailored solutions in order to help them reach their clients in every channel, whether hospitals, private clinics or the retail market.

We pride ourselves in having a wealth of experience, allowing us to provide clients with numerous options, some of them new to the marketplace. We work with a simple approach; our clients are our partners.