Anti-snoring oral gutter


Somnolis is a slightly visible oral device. For its use, a teeth impression is not required and it can easily and discretely be placed in the mouth. It is ideal for an occasional or irregular use (e.g. holidays, camping, and short stay in hospital). Its very affordable price also offers you the possibility to test the efficiency of the mandibular advancement principle.

The Somnolis system:
1 anti-snoring device SOMNOLIS moulding
4 supple straps for the lower jaw advancement
1 full instruction of use

SOMNOLIS is recommended in the following cases:
Apnea in certain times: travelling (medical consultation advised).

SOMNOLIS is not advised where:
A removable dental prosthesis is worn.
A partial dental posthesis is worn without reliable fixation.
There is pain in mandibular articulation.
There is loosening or instability of the teeth.