Nose dilator


Discrete, comfortable and reusable, ClipAir improves breathing, prevents snoring and drying of the throat. Principle of operation
Clipair fits easily into the nose. It discretely holds the sides of the nose even in the case of strong inspirations, even during sleep or sport.
It is made of a biomedical elastic material for optimal, comfortable and discrete support.
The Importance of Breathing Through Your Nose
Breathing through your nose is important to humidify, warm and filter the air we breathe.
Nasal dilator effectiveness:
- Reduce breathing effort
- Lower the heart rate in people suffering from apnoea.
- Restore a feeling of repairing sleep in users.
- Reduce snoring in more than 50% of users.
- Reduce throat drying.
In a sports activity, the nasal dilator:
- Reduce the heart rate.
- Reduce the perception of effort.
- Reduce the ventilation needed for the effort.

- Snoring.
- Difficult nasal breathing.
- Narrow nose or nasal valve.
- In combination with a CPAP mask, to improve the passage of air under pressure.
- Sports.
-Scars or irritations in the nose