Forearm crutches


Everything started with the desire to make crutches functional and comfortable. The result was a completely new designed crutch. The inventor is an industrial designer who wanted to assist his father who had a partial leg amputation. It brings an innovation on a product that hadn’t evolved since the U.S. civil war.


  • A hinged arm cradle that can be unlocked to provide an enhanced range of motion enabling the user to reach for things without having to remove the crutch
  • Hand grips that rotate out of the way, allowing the user to walk Hands Free
  • Flexible armbands that conform to each user’s arm, providing support while allowing the user to easily get in and out of the crutches
  • Feet that conform to the ground providing shock absorption with each step
  • Antimicrobial arm pad

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Data sheet

1.3 kg
shipping weight
4.1 kg
shipping size
84 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm